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Your Menopause Confidant and Coach

I am passionate about partnering with you

on your journey towards health, vitality and longevity. Let me guide you toward The Wholistic Path.


Dr. Betty offers virtual consultations as an affiliate of the

Health by Heather Hirsch MD Collaborative

for women in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Areas of Expertise

Menopause, Perimenopause, Midlife Women's Health, Metabolic Health, Wholistic Medicine, Longevity Science, Mental Health, Wellbeing

Dr. Betty has 20 years of expertise in the field of comprehensive primary care with a focus on optimal nutrition, metabolic health, mindset management and longevity. She re-educated herself on evidence-based literature and conferences on the specific concerns that arise during the transition around women in their mid-life. This passion came about after realizing that standard medical education and clinical research studies have historically lacked attention to this important cohort. If you are in midlife struggling with peri-, post- or straight up menopause, you may notice significant and life-altering frustrations with symptoms like inflammation, joint pains, insomnia, weight gain, brain fog, hot flashes and vaginal/urinary changes. The long list doesn’t even account for what lies beneath like cardiac, bone and cellular health. impacting not only physical bodies but also psyche, self esteem, confidence and productivity. Consultations with Dr. Betty will shed light on a multi-faceted, wholistic and root-cause approach to feeling better than ever!


Values and Offerings

I listen carefully to your specific health needs and concerns

for wholistic recommendations and treatments that suit your personal goals and expectations.

Dr. Betty is a menopause and midlife physician expert working under Dr. Heather Hirsch MD’s Collaborative



  • One hour consultation time with Dr. Betty with expert clinical assessment, diagnostics, and shared decision-making for personalized medication management with FDA-approved HRT, with adjustments based on progress for the first few months

  • A copy of the Menopause Masterclass by Dr. Heather Hirsch on-demand (valued at $200)

  • Monthly Live Events with menopause experts

  • Quarterly Lives with Dr. Heather Hirsch

  • Engagement with a private FB Patient Community for support, comradery and ongoing advice



  • 30 minute consultation time with Dr. Betty for additional clinical updates, diagnostics and adjustments as needed

  • Medication management and refills

  • Ongoing programming as described with ongoing access to a private FB Patient Community for support, comradery and ongoing advice


Contact Me

I can be available for a complimentary 10 minute brief introduction conversation or for specific inquiries. 

Please reach out below. I look forward to meeting you!

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You deserve unique and personalized care.
Empower yourself.

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