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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider this type of consultation?

If you don’t feel like you have been heard nor have you received adequate attention to your concerns, this is the time to choose someone with the specialized expertise in women’s menopause and midlife transitional needs. Be cautious of platforms that mostly are interested in selling you products and supplements with very little clinical guidance for your specific health history. You can be confident that Dr. Betty’s approach to health and wellbeing is wholistic, individualized and evidence-based, allowing you to best navigate yourself towards feeling good again. The Health by Heather Hirsch MD Collaborative program is the premium approach to menopause solutions!

What states can Dr. Betty see patients in?

Currently, Dr. Betty is licensed in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Additional states to come! If you live outside these states, please refer to the Health by Heather Hirsch MD Collaborative website to learn about other affiliates in your state.

Does Dr. Betty see patients in person?

No, currently Dr. Betty is only providing these services via telehealth and as an affiliate of the Collaborative. She is not accepting new patients at her primary care practice. In addition, you should keep your primary care clinician and Ob-gyn for your traditional healthcare.

Do you accept health insurance for this service?

This unique bundle of not only clinical consultation time but also additional education, support and community are not covered by health insurance. You can easily obtain a receipt to submit to your FSA/HSA accounts.

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